Here at The Bullet Hole we have half a dozen NRA certified firearms instructors able to train in a variety of skills.

Intro. to Pistol
- This class is an introduction to all of the basic fundamentals needed to safely operate a handgun. - $110.00

Concealed Carry - This class covers the required training set forth by the Nebraska State Patrol for a civilian to apply for a concealed carry permit. - $175.00

Defensive Handgun Level I - This class teaches the fundamental skills to survive an armed encounter. - $160.00

Advanced Pistol II - This class provides the student with high level skills and drills complimenting what he/she has learned in Advanced Pistol Level 1 - $110.00

Advanced Pistol III
- This class teaches Trauma Care for Civilians: This will consist of a Powerpoint lecture on how to treat gunshot, stabbing and blast type injuries. Students will become familiar with the latest military type equipment and techniques and everyone will get plenty of hands on practice. Each student will participate in two hyper-realistic training scenarios - $155.00

Intro to Self Defense - This class is the starting point for the firearm owner who is interested in self defense - $110.00

Force on Force Gunfighting - This course will bring together what you do on the range with what you must do on the street to prevail in a fight for your life. *ATTN* It is recommended that students have attended a basic shooting class prior to registering. This class can be PHYSICALLY DEMANDING, come prepared - $110.00

Tactical Rifle I - Designed around the AR-16 series rifle, this class teaches the fundamentals for effective operation of your carbine. - $85.00

Advanced Pistol Skills Refresher - This is a range skills refresher for students who have completed Advanced Pistol Level I and II. - $75.00