Range Rules

  • No One Under 19 allowed without a parent or guardian.!!!!
  • Drivers License or ID may be required to use the range. To rent a gun, one person in your party must have either a Permit to Purchase, CCW Permit, or Military ID.
  • Use of eye and ear protection is Required at all times on the range.
  • All firearms will be unloaded and cased when brought into The Bullet Hole.
  • Firearms may be loaded only when pointed downrange at the firing line. When moved from the firing line, firearms must be cased or holstered.
  • Any unattended firearm must be unloaded and pointed downrange.
  • Should a misfire or other malfunction occur, leave the firearm pointed downrange and obtain assistance
  • You are not allowed to use your own targets. If we suspect you are shooting at anything other than paper targets purchased at The Bullet Hole, such as the walls, ceiliing, or target carrier, you will be charged for damages and asked to leave.
  • Accidental discharges, damages or injuries must be reported immediately no matter how minor they may seem.
  • Handguns Any common handgun ammunition whose velocity travels under 2,000 feet per second may be used. No tracers, incendiary devices, explosives, or armor piercing ammunition is permitted.
  • HIGH POWER RIFLES Only rifle calibers with a velocity of under 3,500 fps and with a muzzle energy of under 3,000 foot pounds are allowed. If you are unsure if you caliber qualifies ask. All high power rifle ammo must have a lead soft point or hollow point bullet. No full metal jacket ammunition is allowed. NO belted magnum calibers are allowed. In addition, The Bullet Hole does not allow black powders or muzzle loaders.
  • Shotguns All shotgun ammunition must either be a slug or #00 buckshot. No other type of shot is allowed. If your shotgun has a pistol grip with no stock, it must be aimed and fired at eye level. No hip shooting is allowed.
  • FULL AUTO / CLASS 3Short or controlled bursts of no more than 3-5 rounds may be fired at one time. Sustained or uncontrolled firing of machine guns is not allowed, regardless of caliber. No exceptions.
  • We may check your ammunition, do not be offended, this is for your safety as well as ours.
  • Never move forward of the firing line. You may recover your brass from behind the firing line only.
  • The use of alcohol or drugs is prohibited on the range. No eating, drinking, or smoking is allowed on the range. Persons believed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be refused use of the range. The strictest discipline must be maintained at all times on the firing ranges. The RANGE SAFETY RULES must be obeyed at all times for your protection.